Making of One Assignment

When it came to making my Analysis project I learned about how the media portray police officers in a negative. I chose this topic because I came from area in Los Angeles where police officers were seem as racist animals. Which is not definitely true just because a police officer commit action that wasn’t right against a certain race doesn’t make all police officers that way. I learn that police officers are not racist, but they have a really strict protection policies.  The media would use the policy as an advantage by rearranging the  stories, so they could receive a popular rating which would receive them money. The hardest thing on the assignment was finding the image and sources and connect them together. My peers enjoyed my Analysis Project, gave really good feedback, and agreed with my analysis. The things that  my peers told me that the media most of the time give a negative view of police officers and never a positive view which is disgraceful. Also, they told me to improve in my grammar in my paper and my writing. I believe I improved on it on my Inquiry Project since it was more sufficiently organized.


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