Final Self Assessment

I believe in  this class I earned a B because in the contract I meet most of the B requirements like I turned in all my major assignments I didn’t miss more than two weeks of school.

In my e portfolio some things I focus on the appearance of my site and making sure to install my work on the website on time. The tone I was trying to go in my portfolio would be informing. My e-portofolio is user friendly for all users who want lo learn about the radio and how the media portrays police officers. The reason behind organizing my site would be to make it easy to navigate for the user and to locate my projects. Hopefully the users enjoy my project since I elaborated every step in my project and explained how every piece of work for the project assisted me.

In my analysis the problematic norm I explain was how the media portray police officers in a negative tone. Since in the media is known to make money out of how much attention it could receive from people. I start to talk about how the media make a positive figure  like a police officer, a person with authority, and shift his image to seem like the opposite of what his figure stands for. I didn’t struggle on this project it was pretty simple to understand. I just organize my information and connect my sources with m images. Some practices I improved on this project was organizing my information.

In my Inquiry Project my topic I talked about was how does the radio affected society. The key point I wanted to expose about the radio would be what methods have the radio affected in society  when it comes in health, media, business and government. The purpose of this assignment is to inform the reader of how the radio impacted their society and how is still does. It this project I struggled on recording my voice on my project to get approximately 5 minutes. I improve on the organization of information on my powerpoint.

In my Unessay Project I based it on my Inquiry project by making a Kahoot that is entertaining for the audience. Also, for the Kahoot I provided a reading comprehension packet about the radio and the purpose of the project was for the audience to read it and answer the questions on Kahoot. Yes it was like reworking on a project in a different format. In my showcase it went excellent as planned and the audience seemed to enjoy the project.

In this class the grade I’m aiming for would be a B.  The methods I used to improve my writing would be planning my project before a week that is due. This has help since it got me stop procrastinating on  my school work, and I actually started to organize my projects. Some specific practices I’ve been working on would be learning how to organize my information and ask other people opinions on my work. For example, in my Analysis project I planned for one week to review my sources and found multiple images to connect to my sources. While later on that week I started to form my analysis project when I was done with the rough draft, I asked my peers to review my work and they made edits of what information I was missing. I fixed those mistakes and my analysis project sounded more fluent and the ideas connected better. While working on one of “Making of” assignment I learning in the beginning of the semester I had a habit of procrastinating but I replace this bad habit by organizing my information weeks before.  Some strengths as a writing I said I would have would be organizing my information and connecting ideas together. One of my weakness in writing would be my grammar. I will continue on perfecting my grammar by making a habit of reviewing my grammar and finding grammar mistakes in my paper.



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