About Me

Hello, my name is Benjamin Romero and I was born on July , 15 1998 in Los Angeles. Some hobbies that I’m interested in is hiking, drawing ,listening to music and skating.  I was raised in a family of five with two older sisters and a mom and dad. My oldest sister graduated from UCSD and my other sister is currently attending Pasadena City College. While both of my parents were working like my father is a Construction Manager while my mother is a house keeper. Both of my parents are Mexican immigrants and were raised in Mexico City.  My family lived in South Central, a unsatisfactory neighborhood, where I attended Mckinley Elementary School and John Adams Middle School. Later on we move into Highland Park, a friendly neighborhood, where I attended Burbank Middle School and Los Angeles International High School. In this neighborhood, I began to discovered that I have an strong interest in listening to music, skating and drawing. The types of drawing I was interested were graffiti art which I began to learn from my cousin. Later on, I eventually learned  how to skate since all my friends were skaters and they were the ones who taught me. The type of music I began to listen to were hip-hop and eventually I started to listen to  every kind of music except for country. After my sophomore year I transferred high schools for educational reasons to Sonia Sotomayor High School located in Cypress since it offered AP Calculus and more clubs than my previous high school. In Sotomayor I applied to different colleges like CSULA, CSUC, CSUSF, and CSUEB and graduated in two-thousand and sixteen. Out of these choices I decided to go to Chico thinking to pursue my Business Finance career of being an investor during the time. Eventually I switched my major to Mathematics Education on my second semester because I wasn’t happy with my previous major, and I believe that mathematics is a universal language that everybody knows. In my first semester, I applied for 5 classes Business Information Systems, Business Administration, Philosophy, U.S History, and Macroeconomics which I passed all. Also, I pledged for Delta Psi Delta during this semester  and finally became a brother. I later on moved into the second semester of Chico, which I’m taking four classes Calculus 2, Statistics, English, and Communication Studies. I believe I shouldn’t present myself to the Digital Studio because my writing has been improving since high school. For example, my grammar and flow of my essays improve drastically. Also, before in high school I used to procastinate a lot in my work, but I college developed a habit not to procrastinate which helped out my writing a lot. This helped me by giving me time to proof read my essays and make final edits so I could give my writing a better tone.